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What We Do

LenScape Media LLC is an independent film production company in Houston, Texas. One of our missions is to produce short and feature films from quality scripts that will be interesting to a wide audience spectrum.

We also produce demo videos and training videos for business and industry. Contact us for more information.

Because Houston is a hot bed of movie making we are blessed with wonderful actors in the area. We also use persons interested in the production side of film making, such as script supervisors, lighting and audio techs, grips, and camera operators.

Our studio is a fully equipped video studio.

Our partner, Technoventure, Inc., produces any needed computer graphic images (CGIs) using Lightwave, Terragen, and other software.

Here are some photos shot in the production of Lacy Lewis, the Case of the Missing Bike, which won an award in the 2014 Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival. Credits: Anna Brodl, Norman Fitts, and Tim Healy.


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